Woman who made skincare out of sea cucumbers has launched new product

Bescher Sea Cucumber Collagen Daily Mail
  • An Australian woman who created the world's first skincare brand made from sea cucumbers has launched a sell-out new product that claims to rejuvenate your skin in six weeks.


  • Renee Alyce, 32, started starting Bescher in August 2019, making $19,000 in the first month of sales of her $119 Sea Cucumber Collagen Regeneration Night Serum.



  • This breakthrough moisturiser combines sea cucumber collagen, squalane, hyaluronic acid and kakadu plum extract for visible and immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin's tone, texture, and firmness. 


  • Renee learned about the healing properties of sea cucumbers ten years ago while living on a secluded island in the Pacific, which had limited access to modern-day products and conveniences. 


  • 'My skin was at its worst. So after running out of foundation with no way possible of replacing it, I went on a mission to find other ways of protecting, covering and rejuvenating my skin,' she told FEMAIL.


  • She spent weeks investigating her surroundings - soil, land and ocean - and noticed local islanders applying sea cucumber extracts to small wounds and infections.


  • Within days their cuts and rashes were vanishing.


  • 'Sea cucumbers are among only a few animals that have the capacity to regenerate damaged or lost body parts,' Renee said.


  • 'They contain collagen, have antibacterial properties and a rare peptide that can rapidly influence collagen production, encouraging a boost in cell turnover.'


  • Researchers at the University of London confirmed that sea cucumbers have the ability to boost the elasticity of collagen in the human body. 


  • Renee knew she was onto a winning idea and returned to the Gold Coast to build her brand. 


  • Her first product, the Sea Cucumber Regenerative Serum ($119), has been a huge success, with customers posting glowing reviews online.  


  • 'Your serum has been the best thing I ever bought. I just wanted to send a big, big thank you for giving me the pleasure of having skin I love now and for helping me feel more confident being myself,' Lisa Ingham from the United Kingdom said.


  • What is so special about the sea cucumber? 

  • The sea cucumber is a marine invertebrate that possesses regenerative and healing properties. 


  • Sea Cucumbers are rich in bio-active compounds that not only allows them to survive but also thrive and regenerate themselves in the harshest environments on the planet. 


  • Sea Cucumbers are fascinating because they fast track healing their wounds and have the capacity to regenerate damaged or lost body parts.


  • 'My skin immediately responded to the Sea Cucumber Collagen Regenerative Serum with improvement in texture and hydration, but most astonishingly it cleared my solar keratoses within the first 14 days of use,' Compounding charmacist and skincare specialist Brigette Paroissien said.


  • A third added: 'After using your serum for one night, the surface of my skin was instantly refreshed and rehydrated.


  • 'After using the serum for one week, the consistency of my skin had started to even out, especially around the eye and forehead area. Then after using the product for one month, the texture of my skin was noticeably different with fewer fine lines and a subtle firmness was visible.'    


  • Renee herself has experienced great success applying the serum and moisturiser every night, reducing her pigmentation considerably over a six month period.


  • 'It changed my life and the way I feel about my myself. I no longer have to wear foundation,' she said.


  • 'That's why I can't keep it a secret anymore. I feel it's my calling to share it with the world.'

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